Natural Fruit Fly Repellent


So many people have problems with fruit flies; not only do they multiply rapidly, they can carry certain diseases. If you’re a person who doesn’t want to use a commercial fruit fly repellent in your kitchen because of the unsafe chemicals, there are natural fruit fly repellents that you can use instead.

Packets of cloves or crushed mint, small pots of basil and even a cloth scented with eucalyptus or lavender can be placed around the kitchen. You can also sprinkle a small amount of dry, powdery soap in trash bins or basins. These methods are both natural and homemade fruit fly repellents.

Keeping trash bins and bowls meticulously clean and free from any fruit residue will avoid attracting and harboring fruit flies as well.

Instruct every member of the family to immediately throw away half-eaten, over ripened and fermented fruits into trash cans and make sure to close the lid tightly. Never leave sweetened food or beverages in open areas because that will attract fruit flies, especially in the kitchen.

Lastly, consider putting screens on your windows and sliding glass doors to keep fruit flies from entering the house in the first place. You can try to find a screen that has extra small holes to help keep out as many fruit flies as possible.

This video will provide additional information about Natural Fruit Fly Repellent.

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